Muhimatul Ifadah, Siti Aimah


Language is one of basic human skills. For human beings, language is a means to fulfill their needs.
The purpose of the study is to find out whether songs can be used as a media in learning English,
especially pronunciation.
The research used in the study is action research. In this study, the lecturer use songs as media to
learn pronunciation. In every treatment, there was a test administered after the treatment to evaluate
the result of the process. The test contained a list of words to be read, and also imperfect lyric of the
songs to be filled, and then the lecturer counted the correct numbers. The treatment were given of
songs in speaking class, and conclusion will be taken after 4 meetings.
The result of the research shown significant development. From the process, the students were able to
recognize and used songs as a means to learn, not only for entertainment needs. The students were
able to analyze how message revealed from its lyrics, and found out the synonym of several words.
Songs can be used as learning media because of its interesting and challenging aspects. Songs ease the
students to imitate and store the information to their memories; however, it is definitely effective for
teaching and learning process.

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