Analisis Nilai Indeks Trombosit Dan Rasio Trombosit Limfosit Sebagai Penanda Inflamasi Glomerulus Pada Penderita Hipertensi Berbagai Derajat

Nelly Tolla Taggara




Background :

Hypertension is a major risk factor for early death and cardiovascular disease (CVD), which causes at least 1.1 million deaths per year in the world. Hypertension is also called The Silent Killer because it is often found without symptoms, which if left untreated and treated will cause complications such as stroke, heart and blood vessel disease, kidney disorders and others which can ultimately lead to disability or death. Endothelial dysfunction indirectly affects platelet dysfunction which can be assessed based on platelet index and platelet lymphocyte ratio. 2,6,7

Method :

170 Patients with hypertension are grouped into hypertensive stage groups 1, 2 and 3. Platelet index (MPV, PDW and PCT) and lymphocyte platelet ratio are calculated based on the results of routine blood tests. Data distribution was tested by Kolmogrov-Smirnov and analyzed with the corresponding data test.


Platelet index namely MPV in hypertensive patients was significantly different in each degree of hypertension, grade 1 (8.92 ± 1.23), degree 2 (8.99 ± 1.63) and degree 3 (11.2 ± 4.29) with a p value = 0.003. There is a weak correlation between MPV and serum creatinine ureum levels. However, PDW and RTL values only correlate with creatinine.


There are differences in the value of MPV in patients with hypertension of various degrees. There is a correlation between the values of MPV, PDW and RTL and creatinine which indicate inflammation of the glomerulus.







Hypertension, platelet index (MPV, PDW and PCT) and lymphocyte platelet ratio

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