Joyo Minardo(1*), Kartika Sari(2), Tutik Susilowati(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Asphyxia neonatorum is a condition in which the baby can not breathe spontaneously andregularly soon after birth due to several factors: maternal factors , factors from the placenta ,fetal factors , factors of labor , and of multifactorial. This study aims to investigate thecharacteristics of mothers with infants died of asphyxia in Semarang district in 2012 andanalyzes the factors that cause infant death due to asphyxia in Semarang district in 2012. Thisresearch is a retrospective study using cross-sectional approach . Subjects were mothers withinfants died of asphyxia in Semarang Regency in 2012 , time studies in January 2014. Theresearch instrument using the checklist and perinatal mortality audit records . Technical analysisof the data using univariate analysis. Based on the research that the characteristics of pregnantwomen who have a baby die of asphyxia mostly aged between 20-35 years of age productive oras many as 29 ( 76 % ) of people , berparitas < 4 which is 36 people ( 95 % ) , junior highschool education is 21 people ( 55 % ) , age at term pregnancy is 28 people ( 74 % ) . Theresults showed 13 infants ( 34.2 % ) died due to asphyxia with the causes of fetal factors , 13infants ( 34.2 % ) died due to asphyxia with the cause of multi- factor , 10 infants ( 26.3 % )died due to asphyxia with a cause of the labor factor 2 infants ( 5 % ) died due to asphyxia withthe causes of maternal factors , not the baby died because of asphyxia obtained with the causesof placental factors . Advice given is a health worker should be more thorough in examiningpregnant women and more prudent in taking actions that can overcome the disstres fetalasphyxia not allow to happen. 
Keywords  : asphyxia neonatorum, death in infant

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