Physical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Poultry Eggshell Powder Extracted with CH3COOH and NaOH

Diode Yonata(1*), Siti Aminah(2), Wifaayatul Ainiyah(3), Afrilia Arifatul Lael(4), Anita Rahma Riyani(5)

(*) Corresponding Author


As food waste poultry eggshells contain harmful components, organic compounds, hard physical characteristics,
rough, flavorful fishy and has a less attractive color when used as food. Extraction process with CH3COOH and
NaOH is known to improve physical and organoleptic characteristics of egg powder eggshell. The general
purpose of the research is to know the effect of CH
COOH and NaOH extraction on physical and organoleptic
characteristics of egg powder eggshell. The research method was experimental design using random complete
factorial design, which consisted of 2 factors and 16 treatments is solvent type (Control, H2O, CH3COOH, and
NaOH) and poultry eggshell (duck, quail, chicken race, and free-range chicken). Each treatment was repeated 3
times, so that 48 units of experiments were obtained. The result data of physical characteristic test was analyzed
using Anova statistic method followed by further test of DMRT, while the test result of organoleptic characteristic was analyzed using Friedman statistic method followed by Wilcoxon test. The results showed that eggshell chicken eggs extracted with CH3COOH solution produces the best physical and organoleptic characteristics of eggshell flour.
Keywords: Egg Shell, CH3COOH, NaOH, Physical, Organoleptic

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