Analisa Data Rekam Medis Menggunakan Teknik Data Mining Association Rules Dengan Algoritma Clustering

Edy Kurniawan(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Patient information data located in medical centers and hospitals are in the
form of ICD codes. Medical Record data is not just a pile of files, but can be
used to extract the information contained therein. Some information that
can be utilized is the information group of diseases that often suffered by
patients in the hospital. Information group of this disease can be utilized by
the manager in developing services to patients. From the side of the patient
can take advantage of treatment goals are more appropriate target in
accordance with the disease he suffered. To determine the analysis of this
stack of medical records using groupings, including grouping of regions,
gender groupings, age groupings, and ICD code groupings. In this study
ICD code used is ICD 10. Preposecing medical record data is divided into
two, first data training and second is test data. From the results of data
processing using cross validation 10 fold obtained the most optimal results
with an accuracy of 53.8%
Keywords: Clustering Algorithm, Data Mining, Medical Record

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