Rischa Pramudia Trisnani, Silvia Yula Wardani


Online games are games where many people can play at the same time
through online communication networks. Now there are many wi-fi areas or hotspots that make it easy for anyone to connect to the internet for free by using devices such as cellphones or laptops. Various conveniences offered in the game make them endure long in front of the computer and the level of usage is increasing. Increasing play and intensive use of online games has caused various problems such as online game addiction. The characteristics of teenagers who are addicted to online games include, (1) Children spend more time playing games; (2) Often neglecting tasks; (3) Value at school is dropped; (4) Prefer to play games rather than play with friends; (5) Feeling anxious and irritable if you don't play games. This article aims to determine the level of online game addiction on students of Wungu Middle School 2,
Wungu Subdistrict, Madiun District. The collection of this writing data is
through observation, interviews, documentation and using questionnaires. this can be seen from the many students who have difficulty reducing the time to play online games, the frequency of playing online games is very high, not wanting to establish relationships with people around.
Keywords: online game addiction

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