Pengaruh Pemberian Makanan Tambahan Pemulihan Terhadap Perubahan Berat Badan Balita Bawah Garis Merah Kecacingan Di Wilayah Puskesmas Klambu Kabupaten Grobogan

Dyah Heru Retnowati, Agustin Syamsianah, Erma Handarsari


The toddler years are the first five-year period in a child's life every human being A golden age is very important , especially physical growth . At this time 90 % of individual brain cells grow and thrive . When the golden age of children neglected , it will be a problem for the toddler, now and in the future.
The research is analytical research with Pre - experimental research method and a one- group pre - test post - test design . This study aims are to determine the effect of supplementary feeding on recovery changes in weight BGM worm at the area of Kelambu health center at Grobogan regency . Samples were taken by means of saturation sampling , as the sample of all infants BGM worm.
There is a difference in weight before and after the administration of PMT – P (p = 0.000) , there is a correlation between energy intake with changes of body weight (p = 0.000), and there is a correlation between proteins intake with changes of body weight,(p = 0.000).
Keywords :PMT-P, changes of baody weight, BGM worm

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