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This paper is the development and dynamics of a second language (second language) is growing and
growing complexity of the problem. Changes in language functions not only as a symbol of the
meaning and role of language itself. Foreign language or unfamiliar called Second Language separate
position of the main language of a community that is on the plains just a second language, in other
words that a foreign language has become a stigma in society that desperately needed foreign language
and foreign language only as an additional language course.
Arabic is a second language (second language) of the Indonesian national language or even
a third language after English are certainly more dominant in its use. The use of foreign languages,
especially Arabic, those who have never completely make its own difficulties than ever learned
although the plateau region of Religious functional. Because the general assumptions of society that
learning Arabic for religious study, not as the language required in the professional worl d with the
exception of professional educators and Arabic religion itself, in addition to the general assumptions
mentioned above, the existence of stigma and stereotypes in the general public, that the Arabic
language difficulty of the grammatical and vocabulary.
Learning a foreign language or second language (second language) for the beginner even
among expert (advanced) require extra effort and thought, especially when faced with the indicators
or achievements success in learning Arabic, then there is an emotional effect and anxiety or anxious.
And not just on the plains of the learning process, but when faced with situations and conditions
that should be required to use the Arabic language properly and smoothly. But indirectly also the
presence of anxiety, fear and anxiety when in a foreign language (Arabic) occurred mistakes. Giving
rise to the psychological impact of a sense of fear and anxiety. When learning a language is
accompanied by feelings or unstable psychiatric (anxiety, panic and stress), the achievement of
language, learning a foreign language will decrease

Keywords: Foreign, Second, Arabic, Anxiety, Profession, Nursing

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