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Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Published on December 31, 2019

Table of Contents


Otang Kurniaman, Cici Oktari, Pahrurazi Pahrurazi
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.105-119
Abstract view : 221 times
Lina Meilinawati Rahayu, Aquarini Priyatna
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.120-136
Abstract view : 120 times
Faijah Ida Fatmawati, Teguh Setiawan
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.137-155
Abstract view : 123 times
Galuh Farah Rahma Yunita, Sugiarti Sugiarti
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.156-173
Abstract view : 247 times
Viandika Indah Septiyani, Suminto A. Sayuti
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.174-186
Abstract view : 100 times
Veranita Ragil Sagita, Teguh Setiawan
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.9.2.2019.187-200
Abstract view : 235 times