Revision Guide

It is obligatory for every author to respond to any reviews done by peer-reviewers and also any notes from the editor. An editor's decision is usually based on the reviewers' recommendations. On OJS, the possible kinds of decisions are as follows:

  1. Accept Submission: editor accepts the article without any revisions.
  2. Revision Required: editor asks author(s) to do a minor revision.
  3. Resubmit for Review: the article needs further review after revised by the author.
  4. Decline Submission: the article is rejected.

To be able to give response to the decision, the author should login to the OJS account.

Plagiarism check is obligatory dealing with the issue of originality of each article. JSM uses Turnitin to do so. 

Make sure that the SIMILARITY of your article is 20 percent or less in order to be processed further in this journal.