Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusastraan, dan Budaya


Journal title: Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan,Kesusasteraan dan Budaya

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Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Budaya is a journal that publishes results of research in literature, language education, linguistics, translation, and cultural studies. Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Budaya is published twice a year, June and December. All published articles have gone through the review process by well-read reviewers and editors. Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Budaya is published by the Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang.

Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Budaya is accredited Sinta 3 as written in the Ministry of Research and Technology Decree No. 85/M/KPT/2020.

Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Budaya accepts submissions of original articles that have never been published elsewhere nor are being considered or processed for publication anywhere, and demonstrate no plagiarism whatsoever. The prerequisites, standards, and format of the manuscript are listed in the author guidelines and templates

Come and join us. Submit your manuscript in the field of language education, literature, linguistics, translation, and cultural studies.

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Call for Paper Vol. 12 No. 2


Dear authors,

We invite you to publish the results of your high-quality paper that fit the scope of Lensa: Kajian Kebahasaan, Kesusasteraan, dan Kebudayaan.

Here is our timeline to publish your papers for 2022:

Vol. 12, No. 1, June 2022 [10 articles accepted, 6 articles substantial review, 0 articles available to submit ] PUBLISHED

Vol. 12, No. 2, December 2022 [2 article accepted, 18 articles substantial review, available to submit} [Deadline Submit: 15 October 2022]


1). Please submit using a good and correct template 
2). Use the newest references within 10 last years (2012-2022) and at least 30 references.
3). We highly recommended you to use Mendeley application with APA 7th style.
4). The maximum score for plagiarism check is 30%.

Posted: 2022-05-19
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Vol 12, No 1 (2022)

Published on June 30, 2022

All the articles in this issue were authored/co-authored by 23 authors from 10 institutions.

Table of Contents


Lussy Albayinnah
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.1-18
Abstract view : 225 times
Fatmawati Fatmawati, Leonardus Par, Yosefina Rosdiana Su, Ely Heldydiana Selamat, Indawati Nur Mahir
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.19-32
Abstract view : 270 times
M. Irsyad Rasyid Rusyidi, Mamik Tri Wedawati
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.33-45
Abstract view : 222 times
Rati - Riana, Susanto Susanto
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.46-65
Abstract view : 187 times
Nadia Khumairo Ma'shumah, Sajarwa Sajarwa
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.66-84
Abstract view : 105 times
Dina Amalia, Mulyadi Mulyadi
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.85-99
Abstract view : 121 times
Kenny Lestari, Langgeng Budianto
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.100-112
Abstract view : 129 times
M. Ali Ghufron
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.113-133
Abstract view : 119 times
Adnania Nugra Heni, Oktiva Herry Chandra
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.134-147
Abstract view : 161 times
Herman Rusli, Maya Safhida, Nira Erdiana, Wildan Wildan
DOI : 10.26714/lensa.12.1.2022.148-165
Abstract view : 165 times